Petro Concepts is one of the most significant European suppliers of Piping materials according to ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO standards used in critical applications, such as Chemical and Petrochemical plants, Oil installations, Power plants, Shipyards and Offshore platforms.

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Pipe Spools

From pipes, and plates to a wide range of Pipe Fittings & Piping Spools in almost all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous material. Pre-Fabricated Piping Spools are made as per client Requirements.

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Welcome to Petro Concepts

Petro concepts is manufacturer of Pipe fittings & Piping Spools. Petro concepts has been catering to key infrastructural sectors like Oil & Gas, Refineries & Petrochemicals, Power & Energy, Steel & Ship-Building, Fertilizers, etc. for over 25 years.

Spool Piping

PFZ always believes in serving their customers with utmost Quality Products. PFZ offers complete Piping Solution i.e. From Pipes,…

Pipe Fittings

PFZ is Manufacturer and Supplier of Butt Welded Pipe Fittings & is our core Business. We are High Quality Manufacturers of Elbows, Tees, Reducers & Caps…


Petro concepts currently has a JV for valves that are made in Italy. Our valve range is suitable for water, gas and oil applications….


The way we think

We implement best practices in our processes in order to offer best quality products and on time. Our practices like lean management, single piece flow, right first time, etc. help us to produce high quality and cost effective products. All our processes are aligned to save time and this helps us to deliver wider variety of products, much faster. We are data driven and make quick decisions. We have been continuously installing advanced machineries and upgrading our experiences and this helps us to accomplish the most complex & special jobs that we undertake.

Featured Projects

Below are some of the pictures of a UAE piping project for which materials were supplied as the client needed strictly EU origin material.

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